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“Break the walls down, your heartbeat is the only sound.”
Our homes are a reflection of ourselves.
We choose the way they look, the finer details and colourful accents, and this in turn reflects who we are.
When you personalise your home, you don’t just make it feel like your own, you make it look like an extension of yourself.
Your walls give your guests an insight into the real you. So what do your walls say about you?

With over 1000 branded and quality Korean wallpaper designs to choose from various themes (Scandinavian, Modern Contemporary, Victorian, 3D Bricks, Wood, Kids wallpaper including Disney characters etc),  excellent workmanship with warranty and a price that is hard to match, follow your heart and contact us to obtain a no obligation quote today!

Wall Designs provides professional Wallpaper Installers in Singapore at very affordable and competitive pricing.

Prices & Installation

Package price of Wallpaper including Installation
Number of rolls Prices per roll
4 rolls and above fr $218
2-3 rolls fr $228
1 roll fr $248

*Please contact us for bulk purchase special price

*Additional charges apply for Installation for ceiling, staircase & high walls (above 3.3 meters)

Professional Installers without our selection of Wallpaper
Number of rolls Price Before Discount
4 rolls and above $90
2-3 rolls $100
1 roll $120

*Additional charges apply for Installation for ceiling, staircase & high walls (above 3.3 meters)
Sealer contains blend of solvents that enables it to penetrate deeply and gives a very firm base. They are effective in preventing the degradation of finishing coats by alkaline surfaces & stops liquid water from entering the surface. It is advisable to paint sealer in Singapore especially for new houses as peeling of wall painting are very common when the wallpaper is removed. It protects both your wall / wallpaper and make them last much longer.

Sealer price

Number of rolls Price per roll
4 rolls and above $50
2-3 rolls $60
1 roll $80

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